Here at Gentlevan Removals we are committed to providing our customers with a removal service that they can trust, and we know how important it is to offer excellent customer service. We are firm believers that the cheapest price does not always mean the best service (as detailed in one of our previous blog post about how to avoid cowboy movers), and after receiving an alarming email from a potential customer that we recently gave a quote to, we thought it was worth issuing a warning to remind everyone of the potential risks you face if you use a moving firm based on price only.

The email that we received read:

“We were in a bit of a rush, so we went with Stupid and Sons Removals (we have decided to remove the real name of the company in question) which I completely regret. They were an absolute nightmare. We had paid for them to pack and reassemble but they were incredibly slow, didn’t have enough space so we had to do two trips (51 miles between the houses) and in the end myself and my father had to help too and we finished at 3:30am with nothing reassembled… so I wish I had gone with you, I have learnt my lesson!”

The company underestimated the volume of the house contents because they didn't visit the house. They desperately wanted to do the job, so they offered a low price, but they ended up with a cost that didn't even cover the cost of labour and the fuel. To legally operate a moving company is impossible without any profit. Wages for the porters, training, office staff, insurances, maintenance costs, safety checks, etc. all count. You can't legally operate a company with just buying a van and throwing the customer's stuff into a pile and then just go. This company of course have had lots of poor reviews and feedback from customers – proof that it is not always the best decision to go with the cheapest removal quote you receive!

Moving house is one of the most stressful things that you will do in your life, and the last thing you will need on moving day is the hassle of dealing with a disreputable company. With that in mind, we wanted to remind our customers and potential customers of the importance of not choosing a moving firm based on price! Instead, you should ensure that you keep these key things in mind:
  1. Don’t be fooled! A cheap quote could end up costing you a lot more money in the long run, especially if the company is less concerned about furniture damage, may not have insurance in the case of any claims, and might not even show up on the day of your move - imagine the stress of that! Plus don’t forget about possible hidden charges for things like furniture covers, and using less experienced staff too
  2. Always do your research – this means taking the time to check out the reviews of the moving company on websites like Facebook or Google reviews - a quick Google search of their name may also raise any red flags that you should be aware of

When it comes to moving, at Gentlevan Removals we’re here to help! We will try to make your move go as smoothly as we can.