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  • Volume - the estimated volume of your possessions in cubic feet. So we can choose the right size of vehicle and we can estimate the loading/unloading time.
  • Distance - This is an important factor too for the cost of you removal.
  • Service - packing service, dismantling/reassembling items, etc.

Please use the volume calculator only if you can provide an accurate inventory!

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Armchair achair
Bean Bag bbag
Bench lbench
Bookcase bookcase
Bookcase (half-width) hwbookcase
Bookcase (small) sbookcase
Bureau bureau
CD Rack cdrack
Chair chairl
Chair (lounge) loungechair
Chair (Occasional) occaschair
Chair (Overstuffed) overstuffedch
Chair (recliner) recch
Chair (rocker) rockch
Chair (wicker) wickch
Chaise Lounge chaiselounge
Coffee table coffeetab
Console table cconsoleetable
Corner Unit cornjuni
Credenza credenza567
Cupboard cupboard
Display unit dispunit567
Drop-leaf Table dftabllee
Entertainment Centre entcent
Fan (table) fantabl
Fireplace equipment firepleq
Footstool foootstoool
Futon futbed
Grandfather clock gfclock
Guitar gitarbazzmeg
Hi Fi hifixy456
Hi Fi inc Cabinet hifiwithcab
Kallax Shelving Unit 1 kallax1
Kallax Shelving Unit 2 kallax2
Kallax Shelving Unit 3 kallax3
Kallax Shelving Unit 4 kallax4
Lamp (stand) stlamp
Lounge suite lsuite
Loveseat loveseat
Magazine rack magrack
Mirror/Picture (large) lmirror
Nest of tables nestoftab
Pedestal Fan pedfan
Piano (baby grand) bgpiano
Piano (concert) concertpiasdfgyu67
Piano (electric) eletricpia
Piano (grand) grandpiano
Piano (upright) uprightpi
Piano stool pstool
Plastic Crates plasscrtghu897jk
Popizon chair popich
Roll Top Desk rolltdesk
Rug (large) largerug
Rug (small) smallrug
Sideboard (large) largesideboard
Sideboard (medium) sdbrdmdm810
Sofa (2 seater) twosofa
Sofa (3 seater) threesofa
Sofa (4 seater) fourstrieagh
Stool stooool
Toy Chest toychest
TV (large) tvlarge
TV (medium size) tvmediumfs
TV (small flat screen) smalltbfs
TV Stand tvstand
Am. Fridge Freezer amfridge
Chest freezer chestfreez
Coffee Maker coffmak
Cooker cooker
Dehumidifier dehumi
Dishwasher dishwash
Fridge Freezer frgfrz
Microwave microw
Tumble Dryer tdryer
Under Counter Fridge ucfridge
Vacuum Cleaner vcleaner
Washing Machine washmach
Bar stool barstoool
Buffet Base buffbase
China Cabinet chchabin
Corner cabinet cornercabbb
Dining chair diningch
Dining table (large) largediningtab
Dining table (medium) meddiningtab
Dining Table (small) diningtab
Highchair highchaiiir
Round table roundtab4590gjk
Sideboard (large) sdboooard2
Welsh dresser wdressss
Butchers Block butcblock
Kitchen bench kitchbbbb78zxc
Kitchen chair kitccchairr
Kitchen table kitchentab35su76
Pedal bin pedbinn
Swing bin swingbin
Bed double dbbed
Bed Double Divan dbdivanbeed
Bed King Size kingbed
Bed King Size Divan kingsizedivanbb
Bed Single singbed
Bed Single Divan sdvbbed
Bed Super King divan skingdiv
Bedroom Chair bedccchairr
Bedside Table bedstable
Blanket Box blankbox
Bunk bed bunkbed
Cabin bed cbbed345hgyt
Chest of d. (large) chestoflarge
Chest of d. (med) chestofdmed
Chest of d. (small) smallchestofdrw
Cheval Mirror chmirrr
Child bed chbed456gydcv
Child table/chairs chtabchai
Child wardrobe chlward45dgcv
Dressing table (large) largedresstab67ghdr
Dressing Table (med) dresstab
Dressing table (small) smalldressintab456ghsrt
Folding bed foldbed
Lingerie Chest lingcchest
Mattress Double dbmatt
Mattress King Size kingmatt
Mattress Single singmattresss
Mattress Super King Skingmatt
Sofa Bed sofabbed
Suitcase (cabin) cabinsuitcase
Suitcase (large) largesuitcase
Suitcase (medium) mediumsuitcase
Tallboy tboy
Trunk truuunk
Wardrobe (4 door) fourdoorwardrobe
Wardrobe (double) dbward
Wardrobe (single) wardsingldoe49
Wardrobe (triple) tripleward
Computer system computersystem
Desk (large) lgdeskk67fde
Desk (medium) mediumdeskkkk
Desk (small) deskk
Filing Cabinet (2 drw) filingcab2
Filing cabinet (3 drw) threedrawfilcab
Filing cabinet (4 drw) fourdrfiling
Office bin offfbin
Office chair offchair
Photocopier photocopier56ds3edljk
Printer prrrinter429dvs
Typewriter typewriter
BBQ Grill bbq
Bird bath bbath78hgxs
Chimenea chimenea
Garden bench gbenchh
Garden chair gardchair
Garden hose ghoseee
Garden Table gardtabl
Glider Settee glidersettee567
Hedge cutter hedgecutter6788gghjh
L. T. Cozy Coupe cozycoupe
Lawnmower lawnmow
Parasol parasol
Patio heater patioheaterxcv567
Pedestal pedestal567bgraw
Picnic Bench picbenchh
Plastic playhouse plhousesdf67fhry
Potted plant pottedplnat126734
Potted Plant (large) pottedpl175
Rabbit Hutch rubbithutch
Swing (dismantled) swingdis354gf
Trampoline trampolinegyw567
Wheelbarrow wheelb
Baby bath babybath
Baby walker babywalker
Bassinet bssinetttt
Bouncer Seat bouncerseat
Car Seat carseatfgh5
Changing Table changtabl
Cotbed cottt
Cradle cradle
Play Pen playpendfyzke489
Pushchair pushchair492jgz
Aerial Dish aerialdish
Bike Adult adultbikke
Bike Kids kidsbajk
Carwheel / Tyre tyrehsxv457
Chair (folding) foldingchair295
Clothes basket clothesbasket456
Coat Stand coootstaandd
Doll's house dollhouseghjcx76
Elliptical Machine ellipticalmachine3495
Exercise Bike exxxbikke
Extension ladder extladd67ghres
Golf Bag golfclubag
Heater / Radiator heatherperradiator
Ironing board ironingboardxcv
Pool table polltablep
Rocking horse rockinghorseghjf574
Roof storage box roofstbox
Rowing machine rowmach456dtr
Saddle saddle
Sawhorse sawhorse
Shelving shelvingunit567
Shoe cabinet shoecab4a8du5
Shoerack shoerccck457
Stepladder stepladddd
Table saw tablesaw
Treadle sewing machine treadlesewingmachine
Treadmill treadmilllll
Workmate workmate23ldo
Book box smallbox
China box lbox
General box mbox
Linen box xlargebox
M/P picturepack
Wardrobe Box wardboxx