If you’re looking to move house soon, you may have come across the term “late key waiver” online and be wondering what it means. Well thankfully, Gentlevan Removals are here to fill you in! We will explain what a late key waiver is, what it’s used for and how much it costs. Read on to find out more.

What is a late key waiver?

Moving house can be a particularly stressful process, especially if you are worried about there being a delay with getting your keys. Unfortunately, even with the most careful planning, things can happen and plans can change at the last minute. For example with solicitors, banks and estate agents involved, sometimes delays occur that are beyond your control, such as there being a hold up further up your chain or the money transfer taking longer than expected. To give you total peace of mind if completion doesn’t occur when you expect it to, this is where a late key waiver can help!

What is a late key waiver for?

If a delay with obtaining your keys does occur on moving day, you would be liable to pay extra costs as although the removal team are unable to work, the removal company would still need to be able to pay them for their time. However, a late key waiver gives you added flexibility should a delay occur and your removal team are unable to access your property and begin to offload your belongings from the removal van. It is a one off fee that will guarantee that your removal team will wait at your new property for an additional amount of time (usually 3 hours), and that you will occur no further costs on top of this. Then once you have the keys, they will be able to get to work!

How much does a late key waiver cost?

You can find the late key waiver cost on your moving quotation.

What else should I know?

To add a late key waiver to your booking, simply ask on of our team member at the time of getting a quote. Please note that your removal crew will only be able to wait until 5pm or the time that their working hours are up, according to the Working Time Directive.

To find out more about the late key waiver service that we offer at Gentlevan Removals, visit our website.