Our FAQ guide, designed for removal company storage services in Oxfordshire, will help you discover its advantages and disadvantages.

Containerised Removal Storage

Moving is one of the most challenging things homeowners and their families will go through. There are so many moving parts—pun intended. Perhaps just thinking of removing all of your things from the old home you've been settled in and preparing to bring everything to a brand-new space is overwhelming for you.

And what if the new house is still being prepared for a move-in?

Luckily, many professional removal companies are not just experts at moving your things. They will also keep your belongings safe in their containerised storage.

To learn all about this service and how it can help you and your family, we have listed detailed answers to frequently asked questions about removal company storage in Oxfordshire:
9 Things To Know About Removal Company Storage Services in Oxfordshire

1. What is Containerised Storage?

Containerised storage offers a modern and convenient method for storing household goods, employing 250 cubic ft wooden containers within a removal company's warehouse. To put this available space into perspective, a three-bedroom house would need around five containers to store everything. These storage containers can be loaded onto the removal lorry, where your items are expertly wrapped and packed at your house. Once the storage container is full, it is sealed and delivered to the removal company's warehouse. This system minimises handling and ensures that your personal items and furniture remain dry and secure.

2. Who needs containerised storage?

Families may require additional storage space during property renovations. Individuals in the midst of a move, experiencing a gap between vacating their old residence and moving into a new one, might also seek storage solutions. Others are downsizing or moving to a new country, businesses transferring office furniture or equipment, and students and travellers away from home or university may also find temporary storage necessary. Additionally, individuals navigating significant life events such as divorce, inheritance, or retirement may also require storage solutions.

3. Do Removal Companies Also Offer Storage Services?

Not all removal companies offer storage services, but many do. If you need storage along with removal, there are at least three options to consider depending on your circumstances and requirements:
  • 250 cubic ft wooden containers:
    This storage option is ideal for those who prefer not to handle the loading of their items into containers and instead want to entrust the task to professionals. Whether you require short-term or long-term storage, this solution accommodates both. One drawback of this storage solution is that regular access to your belongings may not be readily available.
    wooden removal storage container
  • Metal storage containers:
    Metal storage containers are commonly used to ship goods over long distances. Still, they are also trendy in the UK for storage solutions. They come in various sizes (20 ft and 40 ft being the most common), ranging from small units suitable for personal use to large containers designed for commercial or industrial storage needs.
    While this storage solution can offer more accessibility, condensation can be an issue if you decide to store your items for a more extended period.
    Shipping container

  • Self-Storage:
    With self-storage, individuals or businesses rent spaces to keep their belongings. Customers can access their storage unit anytime during operating hours to add or remove items. Self-storage facilities vary in size and amenities.
    Self Storage

4. How Long Can I Store My Items With a Removal Company?

With most companies, you can store your items for as long as you like. Many moving companies offer a free storage period, so if you plan to keep your items for a short period, you might not incur any extra fees aside from the moving charge.

If you are moving to another part of the world for a few years, don't worry! Many people also store their belongings for very extended periods.

5. Can containerised storage be used when moving abroad?

If you're moving to another continent, your belongings will likely be transported in a metal container. However, removal storage can also suit your needs if your items will be driven on the road.

There is often a wait of several weeks or longer while dealing with visas, renting or buying a property abroad, or while the moving company navigates customs procedures before delivering your items.

6. Can I Access My Belongings Whenever I Need To?

These 250 cubic ft storage containers are appropriate for most large furniture items. However, to maximise space utilisation, stored items are tightly packed, resembling the loading process in a removal truck. These containers are kept in specific areas within the warehouse, which requires significant time and effort to move and fully unload them for item retrieval.

It's best to inquire with the removal and storage company beforehand regarding access arrangements before storing your belongings with them.

7. Are There Restrictions on What I Can Store?

Moving and storage companies prioritise the safety of their employees and clients. They will likely deny the storage of chemicals, explosives, and flammable liquids and gases in their containers.

They also don't recommend storing perishable items, such as food, plants, and other organic materials, as they will spoil and emit foul odours.

Removal and storage companies also discourage keeping valuables like cash, jewellery, and important documents.

8. Is Insurance Included for My Stored Items?

Insurance is usually an additional expense but worth the investment to avoid unforeseen circumstances. Comprehensive insurance coverage for your belongings throughout storage and during transit will give you peace of mind.

It is also advisable to check your home insurance policy. Many policies protect your items in transit between your old and new home if you hire a professional moving company. It might also include up to seven days of storage insurance in a temporary storage facility.

9. Can I Upgrade or Downgrade My Storage Unit?

Understandably, people may need to upgrade or downgrade their storage units as their needs change. Depending on the availability of containers, this can be done.

Pricing is determined by the number of containers and the length of storage. If the number of containers exceeds your needs, you can save money by downgrading.


Moving a house isn't easy, especially after accumulating so much over the years. Relocating to another country is even more stressful—but not if you have the right moving and storage partner.

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