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Best Cities to Live in France

Moving from the UK and embracing a new life in France means more than just swapping your familiar surroundings for the enticing aroma of freshly baked croissants and the melodic sounds of the French language: it's a journey into a lifestyle defined by the place you call home.
The importance of choosing the right city for you cannot be overstated; it influences your daily interactions, connection to French culture, and the ease with which you transition into your new environment.
City Charms: Exploring the Best Cities to Live in France

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The diversity of France's landscapes and urban settings offers expats a rich palette of options. There's a perfect spot for everyone, from the dynamic atmospheres of major cities to the tranquil life in picturesque villages and the unique blend of cultural experiences in other French cities. Whether it's Paris's cosmopolitan buzz, the laid-back rhythms of the French Riviera, or small towns' historic charm, each place has its own identity, lifestyle, and community spirit.
This guide highlights the best cities to live in France, considering potential movers' varied preferences and needs. We will delve into aspects such as the vibrant cultural scenes of French towns, the affordability of living in different regions, the serene beauty of coastal towns, and the warm Mediterranean climate gracing France's south. Our exploration will help you understand what each city offers, helping you make an informed decision about your new home.
For those making the move post-Brexit, navigating this new chapter with as much information as possible is essential. Our comprehensive guide on moving to France after Brexit offers critical insights and tips to ensure a smooth transition. Additionally, if finding the perfect spot to settle in France is your current challenge, take advantage of our article on choosing the best place to live in France, filled with valuable advice to aid your decision.
With the right preparation and insights, your move to France can be as enchanting as the country. Let's begin this exciting exploration together and discover the city that calls to you, promising a blend of adventure, culture, and the quintessential French way of life.

Paris: The Iconic Capital

Arch of Triumph at night, Paris,

Paris inevitably takes centre stage when the conversation turns to living in France. Known affectionately as "La Ville Lumière" (The City of Light), Paris is not just France's capital; it's a global symbol of art, fashion, and gastronomy. Its allure for expats is undeniable, offering a tapestry of cultural experiences, historic richness, and a lifestyle revered worldwide.

Cultural and Historical Richness

Paris's cultural vibrancy is unmatched, with its endless museums, galleries, theatres, and iconic landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral. Living in Paris means having the luxury of immersing yourself in its rich history and art scene daily. Beyond the well-trodden tourist paths, the city's diverse neighbourhoods tell their own story, offering a blend of the past and the present that is uniquely Parisian.

Diverse Expat Community

Paris's charm lies not only in its visual and cultural beauty but also in its diverse community. The city boasts a significant expat population, drawn by its dynamic job market, prestigious educational institutions, and the vibrant lifestyle it offers. This melting pot of cultures ensures that newcomers can find networks and communities to ease their transition, making the city a welcoming place for those looking to build a new life in France.

Key Neighbourhoods for Expats

For expats considering Paris as their new home, neighbourhoods like Le Marais and Saint-Germain-des-Prés stand out as attractive options.
Le Marais, known for its medieval streets, vibrant nightlife, and LGBTQ+-friendly vibe, offers a lively and inclusive community spirit, while Saint-Germain-des-Prés, with its literary cafes, upscale boutiques, and proximity to the Luxembourg Gardens, epitomises the quintessential Parisian chic lifestyle.

Cost of Living and Practical Considerations

While the dream of living in Paris is compelling, it comes with practical considerations; most notably, the cost of living, which is higher than in many other French cities.
Accommodation, in particular, can be pricey, especially in the more sought-after arrondissements. However, the city's efficient public transportation system and the overall quality of life can offset these costs. Expats should also be prepared to navigate the intricacies of the French bureaucratic system when settling in, from securing a place to live to understanding local healthcare and taxation.

Lyon: Gastronomy and Culture

Aerial view of Lyon from the top of Notre Dame de Fourviere

Nestled at the confluence of the Rhône and Saône rivers, Lyon stands as a beacon of culinary excellence and cultural richness in France. Often hailed as the country's gastronomic capital, this vibrant city offers more than just exquisite dining experiences; it's a hub of history, culture, and a desirable quality of life that attracts expats from around the globe.

A Culinary Haven

Lyon's reputation in the culinary world is unparalleled. Its traditional "bouchons" offer a taste of authentic Lyonnaise cuisine in a warm, convivial atmosphere. These small, cosy restaurants serve hearty dishes reflecting the region's rich agricultural heritage and culinary traditions. The city is also home to several Michelin-starred establishments, where innovative chefs push the boundaries of French cuisine, making Lyon an essential destination for any food lover.

The love for food in Lyon extends beyond its restaurants; the city hosts numerous food markets filled with local produce, cheeses, wines, and other delicacies. The Paul Bocuse Market, named after the city's most famous chef, is a must-visit for anyone looking to explore the depth of French gastronomy.

Cultural Offerings and Quality of Life

Lyon's cultural scene is as vibrant as its culinary one, with many museums, theatres, and galleries showcasing the city's artistic and historical heritage. The Museum of Fine Arts, housed in a stunning 17th-century former abbey, contains one of Europe's most significant art collections. At the same time, the Confluence Museum explores the intersection of science and humanity in a strikingly modern setting.

The city comes alive with numerous festivals throughout the year, such as the Fête des Lumières, a dazzling display of light installations that transforms the cityscape every December. Lyon's cultural calendar is brimming with events celebrating its rich history and contemporary creativity, making it a dynamic place to live and explore.

Lyon's quality of life is often cited as one of its most appealing aspects. The city offers accessible public transportation, making it easy to navigate without a car. Its picturesque surroundings, including the historic Old Town (Vieux Lyon), the vibrant Presqu'île district, and the tranquil Parc de la Tête d'Or, provide a stunning backdrop to everyday life. Furthermore, Lyon's geographical location makes it a gateway to the Alps and the Mediterranean, offering endless opportunities for weekend escapes.

Nice: A Mediterranean Charm

Seafront In Nice

It is perched on the glittering Côte d'Azur; Nice beckons with its azure waters, sunny skies, and the laid-back elegance that defines the Mediterranean lifestyle. Its mild climate and stunning coastline have made it a magnet for those looking to soak up the sun and enjoy leisure and beauty. For expats, Nice offers a unique blend of French chic and international flair, making it an irresistible choice for those seeking adventure and tranquillity.

A City of Sun and Sea

Nice's climate is one of its most appealing features, offering warm summers and mild winters that invite residents to enjoy the outdoors year-round. The city's famous Promenade des Anglais stretches along the seafront, providing a perfect setting for walks, cycling, and soaking in the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean. The beaches, both public and private, offer a slice of paradise for sun-seekers and water sports enthusiasts alike.

Nice's natural beauty is complemented by its vibrant city life. The Old Town (La Vieille Ville) is a colourful maze of narrow streets, bustling markets, and lively squares where the local culture and cuisine can be savoured. The Old Town is the heart of Nice's everyday enchantment, from the fresh produce at the Cours Saleya market to the charming cafes and artisan shops.

Relaxed Lifestyle and Outdoor Activities

Nice's relaxed pace of life is one of its most fantastic attractions. The city encourages a lifestyle that balances work and leisure with ample opportunities for outdoor activities. Hiking in the nearby Alps, sailing on the Mediterranean, or enjoying a leisurely lunch on a sun-dappled terrace are all integral to living in Nice. This emphasis on enjoying life's pleasures resonates strongly with the expat community, creating a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere.

The vibrant international community in Nice ensures newcomers easily integrate and connect. With various cultural events, international schools, and expat groups, the city is well-equipped to support a diverse population looking to call Nice home.

Housing and Cost of Living

As France's second most expensive city, Nice's cost of living reflects its popularity and desirability. Housing, in particular, can be a significant expense, with property prices and rents higher than in many other parts of France. However, the range of housing options means it's possible to find something to suit various budgets, from charming apartments in the Old Town to luxurious villas overlooking the sea.

Despite the higher cost of living, many expats find that the quality of life in Nice makes it a worthwhile investment. The combination of stunning natural beauty, a warm climate, and a rich cultural life offers an unparalleled lifestyle that's hard to find elsewhere.

Bordeaux: Wine and Heritage

Bordeaux wine bottle

Bordeaux, often referred to as the world's wine capital, offers a rich tapestry of cultural heritage, gastronomic excellence, and a lifestyle that combines the best of urban living with easy access to nature. Recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its exceptional architectural ensemble, Bordeaux beckons with its elegant cityscapes, vibrant markets, and, of course, its unparalleled wine industry.

A World-Renowned Wine Industry

The mention of Bordeaux is synonymous with fine wine. The vineyards that carpet the surrounding countryside produce some of the most esteemed wines globally, making the city a pilgrimage site for oenophiles. Beyond the pleasure of wine tasting, the wine industry contributes significantly to the city's economy, culture, and social life. Wine tours and tastings offer a glimpse into the region's rich history and the meticulous art of wine-making that has been honed over centuries.

Lively Atmosphere and Cultural Events

Bordeaux's city centre, with its majestic 18th-century buildings, bustling markets, and quaint old town, exudes a historical and vibrantly contemporary charm. The riverside promenades along the Garonne are perfect for strolls, while the city's public gardens and parks offer serene escapes within the urban environment. Bordeaux's calendar is packed with cultural events, from wine festivals to live concerts and art exhibitions, reflecting the city's lively atmosphere and residents' zest for life.

The Darwin Ecosystem, a former military barracks transformed into an eco-district, epitomises Bordeaux's dynamic blend of innovation and tradition. This hub for start-ups, NGOs, and cultural spaces showcases the city's commitment to sustainability and community-driven development.

Practical Considerations for Expats

For expats considering Bordeaux as their new home, the city offers a high quality of life supported by excellent healthcare facilities, educational institutions, and efficient public transportation. The tram system is notable for its convenience and coverage, making navigating the city easy without a car.

Housing in Bordeaux provides options to suit various preferences, from historic apartments in the city centre to more spacious homes in the suburbs. While the cost of living can be higher than in other French cities, many find the surrounding landscapes' quality of life, cultural richness, and beauty well worth the investment.

Toulouse: Aerospace Hub and Southern Charm

Toulouse aerial panoramic view France

Toulouse, affectionately known as "La Ville Rose" (The Pink City) due to the terracotta bricks of its buildings, uniquely blends historical charm with cutting-edge innovation. This dynamic city in the heart of southern France is renowned for its significant role in the aerospace industry, making it an attractive destination for professionals and expats seeking opportunities in this sector.

A Hub for Aerospace and Innovation

Toulouse is home to the headquarters of Airbus and houses numerous other aerospace companies, research centres, and educational institutions dedicated to the field. This concentration of aerospace activities has positioned Toulouse as a global leader in aviation and space exploration, driving a dynamic local economy and job market. For expats with expertise in engineering, research, or any related fields, Toulouse offers a wealth of professional opportunities in an industry continuously looking towards the future.

Distinctive Architecture and Vibrant Street Life

Beyond its industrial achievements, Toulouse captivates residents and visitors with its unique architecture. The city's historic centre is characterised by its pink and orange buildings, which glow warmly under the southern sun, giving the streets a distinctive and inviting atmosphere. Toulouse's picturesque squares, such as the Place du Capitole, are hubs of social life, where locals and expats gather to enjoy the city's vibrant street life, bustling markets, and outdoor cafés.

The Garonne River adds to the city's charm, with riverside promenades and green spaces offering residents a scenic escape within the urban landscape. Toulouse's climate, with its mild winters and warm summers, encourages an outdoor lifestyle, further enhancing the quality of life for its inhabitants.

A Welcoming Expat Community

Toulouse hosts a thriving expat community, partly thanks to its robust economy and educational institutions. Newcomers find a supportive network through various organisations and social groups, including those tailored explicitly for expats. This sense of community makes transitioning to life in Toulouse smoother and more enjoyable.

For expats moving to Toulouse, the city offers a range of housing options, from historic apartments in the city centre to modern developments in its suburbs, catering to different tastes and budgets. While the cost of living in Toulouse is generally reasonable compared to other major French cities, it's wise for expats to consider their housing options and budget accordingly.
Strasbourg: European Capital

With its unique blend of French and German cultures, Strasbourg stands at the crossroads of Europe. As the seat of several European institutions, including the European Parliament, the Council of Europe, and the European Court of Human Rights, Strasbourg is more than just a French city; it's a European capital with a genuinely multicultural atmosphere.

A Meeting Point of Cultures

Strasbourg's status as a European hub brings together people across the continent, creating a diverse and vibrant community. This multicultural environment enriches the city with various languages, cuisines, and cultural practices, making it an exciting and welcoming place for expats from all corners of Europe and beyond. The city's European influence is also reflected in its commitment to peace, democracy, and human rights, deeply embedded in the local culture and everyday life.

Charming Old Town and Picturesque Canals

The city's heart is its stunning old town, Grande Île, a UNESCO World Heritage site surrounded by picturesque canals. Strasbourg's historic centre is a marvel of medieval architecture, with the magnificent Strasbourg Cathedral standing as a testament to its past. The city's narrow cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, and quaint squares glimpse a bygone era. At the same time, its modern trams glide seamlessly through the streets, symbolising the city's blend of history and progress.

Strasbourg's canals add to its charm, offering beautiful walks and boat tours that provide a unique perspective on the city. The district of Petite France, with its waterways and traditional Alsatian buildings, is enchanting, evoking the romance and beauty of old Europe.

Vibrant Cultural Scene

Strasbourg's cultural scene is as dynamic as its population, with numerous festivals, museums, theatres, and concert halls dotting the city. From classical music concerts at the Strasbourg Philharmonic Orchestra to contemporary art exhibitions and live theatre performances, there's always something happening in Strasbourg. The town also celebrates its European identity with events like the Christmas Market, one of Europe's oldest and most famous, drawing visitors from around the world.

Practical Considerations for Expats

Living in Strasbourg offers a high quality of life, with efficient public transportation, excellent healthcare facilities, and a range of housing options. Expats will find that the city accommodates a variety of budgets and lifestyles, from modern apartments in the city centre to quieter, more spacious accommodations in the suburbs.

One of the practical considerations for newcomers is language. While French is the official language, the city's Germanic influence and international community mean that German and English are also widely spoken. This linguistic diversity can ease the transition for many expats, though learning French is recommended to fully embrace local life and culture.

Wrap-Up: Finding Your French Haven

France country set

As we've journeyed through France, from the iconic streets of Paris to the aerospace hub of Toulouse, it has become clear that this vibrant country offers a patchwork of opportunities for UK expats seeking a new chapter. Each city presents a unique blend of culture, lifestyle, and opportunities, whether you're drawn to the culinary paradise of Lyon, the Mediterranean allure of Nice, the wine-rich heritage of Bordeaux, or the European cosmopolitan vibe of Strasbourg.

The decision to relocate is as much about the place as it is about the community, the lifestyle, and the opportunities that await. France's diverse cities cater to a wide range of preferences and priorities, from those seeking the bustling life of a cosmopolitan city to those dreaming of tranquil days in picturesque villages. Whether your priority lies in gastronomy, culture, innovation, or history, France offers a locale that aligns with every imaginable lifestyle and career aspiration.

Choosing the best city for your new life in France involves balancing your desires for cultural immersion, professional opportunities, and quality of life. Consider what matters most to you: iIs it the warmth of a tight-knit community, the vibrancy of city life, or perhaps the tranquillity of coastal living? Each French city has its personality, pace of life, and community vibe, making it essential to align your choice with your personal and professional goals.

As you contemplate this significant move, remember that you're not alone. Gentlevan Removals supports your journey, offering expert advice and seamless moving services tailored to your needs. From navigating the logistics of an international move to settling into your new French home, our team is committed to ensuring a smooth transition.
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