A guide where to find free cardboard boxes in the UK for moving.

Are you moving house soon?

Embarking on a journey of relocating to a new home is a thrilling experience, where the promise of fresh beginnings is met with the logistical puzzle of moving all your cherished belongings. During such times, one of the most common challenges faced by homeowners and renters is the search for the right type of moving boxes without imposing significant burdens on their budget.
In this article, our goal is to identify the most convenient solutions for obtaining practical and usable boxes.

Where to Get Free Cardboard Boxes for Moving

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What types of boxes are suitable?

If the packing is not done by a professional moving company, people are prone to use various items for packing. For example, banana boxes and trash bags. Although these may be suitable for smaller moves, for larger house removals, it is advisable to use proper double-walled boxes, preferably not of various sizes.
While banana boxes can serve well for items like books, they are not the preferred choice for miscellaneous items that may easily spill out. Trash bags may seem convenient for clothes and duvets, but people tend to overload them, and these thin-walled bags often end up tearing. And what could be more challenging during a move than when improperly packed clothes get dirty or tripping over small items while carrying a sofa?
Second-hand boxes on the street

Ideas to get free cardboard boxes:

We have compiled this list by prioritizing the most valuable tips.
  • Online Marketplaces, Social Media Groups:
    Facebook local community groups, freecycle pages, people often giving away moving boxes for free. Keep an eye on these forums, or you can also post on them.
  • Recycling Centers:
    Some recycling centres have designated areas where people can drop off or pick up used cardboard boxes.
  • Find Someone Who Just Moved:
    Ask friends, family, and neighbours if they have recently moved and have spare boxes. They may be willing to share or lend them to you. Social media platforms can also assist in locating individuals who have recently moved.
  • Local Supermarkets and Retail Stores:
    Local supermarkets and retail stores are excellent sources for free moving boxes. Simply approach the store manager; many will be eager to part with boxes before disposing of them.
    Ideal places for sturdy boxes include computer stores, bookstores, pharmacies, home improvement stores, clothing stores, off-licences, office supply stores, fast-food restaurants, coffee shops, farm shops, pet stores, and grocery stores.
  • Workplace:
    Check with your workplace, especially if they receive regular shipments.
  • Office Buildings:
    Office buildings receive numerous packages daily, and once they unpack, those boxes become surplus. Approach the front desk staff, and they'll guide you on where to inquire about obtaining complimentary moving boxes.
  • Schools and Universities:
    While schools may not have as many boxes as retail stores, they often receive deliveries for supplies and other items, which come in sturdy cardboard boxes. To acquire free moving boxes from local schools, consider reaching out to the school's administration or front office. They may be willing to provide you with boxes they no longer need.
  • Local Businesses and Warehouses:
    Consider approaching local businesses. They are often willing to give away boxes that can serve your relocation needs.
    Local warehouses can be another valuable source of free moving boxes. These warehouses often receive supplies and products in bulk, contributing to a surplus of sturdy boxes. However, it's important to note that, like grocery stores, warehouses may have contractual obligations requiring them to retain boxes for specific reasons.
  • Restaurants:
    Restaurants can be a potential source for free moving boxes. However, it's important to note that the size and availability of boxes may vary depending on the type and scale of the restaurant.
  • Community Centres:
    Engage with the community centre staff or management in a courteous manner and ask if they have any extra boxes. Communicate your moving needs, and they might be willing to provide assistance. Alternatively, if permitted, you can inspect the dumpster area for boxes that have been discarded.

Hopefully, these tips will help you to find free moving boxes for your upcoming house move. Following your move, of course, a pertinent question arises: what should be done with the surplus boxes? The best thing is probably to post them on a social group, and someone planning a move soon may quickly collect them.

Furthermore, we'd like to offer an additional suggestion for obtaining packaging materials at no additional expense:

  • Use Gentlevan Removals' home removal service for your upcoming move:
    In an effort to contribute to environmental conservation and offer a more competitive price, we frequently present quotes with the option to reuse the boxes. This benefits you by reducing the cost of packaging materials. If you choose this environmentally-friendly alternative, we will contact you a few weeks post-move to schedule a convenient day for box collection.

    Feel free to get in touch with us for more information!